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NordFX is an international brokerage company with more than 10 years of experience in the financial market. Since 2008, the company has won more than 50 prestigious professional awards. Today, customers from nearly 190 countries/regions have opened more than 1,500,000 accounts in NordFX.

NordFX offers Indian investors a full range of services for trading in Forex, gold, silver, crypto, oil, stocks & stock indexes such as Nasdaq, Dow Jones, Nikkei etc.

Is international FX Trading legal?

Well, it is not.

SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) forbids Indian citizens to conduct Forex transactions in Indian territory through international Forex trading platforms (According to a notice issued by the Reserve Bank of India in 2013) to minimise the risk Forex Trading bears.

However, if Forex transactions are carried out through a designated Forex trading platform and the base currency is INR (Indian Rupee), the transaction is legal. In short, the Indian government restricts the transactions of Indian residents and can only trade currency pairs based on Rupee.

Long story short, this means that, although you may open an account from India with a foreign-based broker like eToro, it would be illegal. However, if you find an FX Broker regulated in India, you are good to go. For that matter, NordFX holds a 'Registered Stock Broker in Currency Derivative Segment' license issued by SEBI. So, by opening an account with NordFX, you may trade FX markets while living in India.

Financial Instruments offered by NordFX

  • Forex

  • Metals

  • Crypto

  • CFD Indices & Stocks

  • Oil

  • NordFX Investment Funds: invest in shares of the world's leading companies. The funds allow for even new investors with smaller amounts to enjoy all the benefits of professional asset management in the market.

FX trading in India with NordFX

FX trading in India with NordFX

FX Trading Accounts offered by NordFX


  • Minimal deposit: $10

  • Spread: from 2 pips

  • Credit leverage: up to 1:1000

  • Account Balance: in USD

  • Quote precision: 4 digits

  • No Commissions


  • Minimal deposit: $250

  • Spread: from 0.9 pips

  • Credit leverage: up to 1:1000

  • Account Balance: in USD

  • Quote precision: 5 digits

  • No Commissions


  • Minimal deposit: $500

  • Spread: from 0.0 pips

  • Credit leverage: up to 1:1000

  • Account Balance: in USD

  • Quote precision: 5 digits

  • Commission: 0,0035% per trade (each side)


  • Minimal investment: $500

  • Average yearly interest: 30%

  • Payouts: Daily

  • Yearly loan interest: 3%

  • Account balance: Stablecoin (USDT, DAI, USDC)

  • Available: To all account holders

How to open an FX Trading Account with NordFX in India

Opening a trading account to trade the abovementioned instruments with NordFX from India is an online process that takes a few minutes and requires uploading an identity document (Passport or National ID Card), and proof of address (electricity, water bills, etc.) through NordFX' website. Should everything be in order, your account may be ready in a couple of days, the time when you should fund your account via Credit Cards, eWallets, or Bank Transfers. It's quite straightforward.

What is NordFX' Minimum Deposit?

NordFX does not charge a deposit fee, and the minimum deposit is $ 10, so, very accessible for traders who just started.


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