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The Qatar Financial Markets Authority (QFMA) is the local financial regulatory authority responsible for local capital markets. The QFMA is a government organization applying full financial, legal, and administrative independence.

The QFMA’s functions are to regulate and develop the Qatari capital markets by issuing required rules and regulations for implementing the provisions of the capital market laws. The basic objectives are to create an appropriate investment environment, boost confidence, reinforce transparency and disclosure standards in all listed companies, and protect investors and dealers from illegal acts in the market.

The QFMA was established under Law No. 33 of 2005 but officially undertook its responsibility in September of 2007, where the market, the listed companies, and financial services companies were informed that the official functions of supervision and regulation were transferred from the market (There wasn't a regulatory body before) to the Authority after such functions were with the market for the last 10 years.

QFMA's Duties

  • Regulate and develop the capital market and promote appropriate standards and techniques for all sections and entities involved in Securities Trade Operations to develop Qatar's financial markets.

  • Protect investors and the public from unfair and unsound practices involving fraud, deceit, cheating, manipulation, and inside information trading.

  • Maintain fairness, efficiency, and transparency in the transactions of securities.

  • Develop appropriate measures to reduce risks on transactions of securities.

  • Develop, regulate, and monitor the issuance of securities and under-trading transactions.

  • Regulate and monitor the activities of entities working under QFMA.

  • Regulate and monitor the full disclosure of information related to securities and issuers.

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