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If you are looking to open an account with AvaTrade, the popular Forex and CFD trading platform from Ireland, and you are browsing the internet to find opinions from real users, you have come to the right place.  What do we mean by 'real users'? Well, what other platform comparison sites do is basically give you their own opinion. But this is not 100% reliable. It just doesn't sound good. 

We have searched for the most representative positive and negative opinions to describe the experience on this platform. How did we do it? We checked out the site, which is the largest global website that collects information from services. Real users of every good or service on which an opinion can be given leave their comments on them at Trust Pilot. In this article, we collect good and bad thoughts representing the “heard on the street” comments regarding the Broker. We include the reviewer's name so that, if you are in doubt, you can look it up on

AvaTrade's 5 Star Reviews (Excellent)

Victor Amadi: “With my experience about this platform is a good and reliable broker, infact, I give it 5 star, good customer service support, with zero spread, keep it up, ava broker is one of the best platform to partner with, good interface and bright screen ,Very easy to used, you are the best.”

Sandra Petersen: “I am absolutely amazed at the effeciency of this company. The welcoming I received yesterday. The phone call from Dana. I'm so happy to experience such fantastic Customer Service. The person who helped me on the live chat was so quick to answer questions and guide me. Exceptional service. I'm truly amazed that such service still exists. Keep up the good work!”

Note from Generally speaking, the 5-star reviews are for customer service, there is very little info about AvaTrade's platform itself.

AvaTrade's 3 Star Reviews (Average)

Now we dive into the not so good opinions. Real users say about AvaTrade:

Simon Houlton: “Avatrade have a decent platform. I used mt4. I found the spreads a bit high and because of this traded xauusd exclusively. This was about 0.4 pips. I've lost £1.20 . Not much but I've recognised from close scrutiny of the chart that big institutions are over manipulating prices. Normally I can out manoeuvre them but in this case I cant . As any high calibre trader must; I accept when I will lose totally. Withdrawn. In reply to Avatrade. With respect feelings are irrelevant. To trade your majors, clients must overcome £2 average spread. I believe impossible in current market conditions. Your s and p 500 has 0.5 pip spread which is high for this indices.”

Jose Francisco Chavez Villafranco: “My financial advisor's support is very poor because I can never contact him...”

AvaTrade's 1 Star Reviews (Bad)

Will Gray: “Staff were very rude! Y**** B****** in particular called me a liar, thief and scumbag. Which really is not an acceptable way to speak to a client. It has also been over 14 working days since I requested my withdrawal and still has not been received.”

Anyford Mudarikwa: they are incompetent and inefficient. I submitted a document which was supposed to be verified in one business day but it's been days and nothing has happened”

Orane Bradford: "Don’t waste your time or money signing up to Ava trade. It is extremely easy to deposit your funds but when it comes time to withdraw, they don’t allow you to. I have been trying to withdraw my funds for 5 days now, and even after speaking to several customer service representatives I am still unable to withdraw my funds.."

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