Plus500 is not available to local traders.

Can I open a Trading Account with Plus500 in Egypt?

eToro is Plus500's main competitor.

Let me guess: You've probably gone into Google and searched for "Plus500 Egypt" in the hope of a response to the question: "Is Plus500, a Broker which I've heard is a good one, available in Egypt?" Bad news: Unfortunately, Plus500 does not open Trading Accounts to residents in Egypt. However, you still wish to explore the potential of financial markets, Forex, CFDs, Shares, and/or Crypto. That's why you need to find a Broker that is indeed available to clients in the country.

That's the good news, we have done the work for you, and we have compiled a list of the Best Brokers available to residents.


eToro is Plus500's main competitor.

What is Plus500?

In that case, Plus500 is an Online Broker from Israel, which has been classified by many analysts as one of the top trading platforms available in the market. Plus500 is one of the brokers with the largest penetrations among traders, is one of the first online brokers, and one of the most diverse in it's CFD offering.

eToro is Plus500's main competitor.