eToro is not available in Singapore

I live in Singapore, Can I open an Account with eToro?




AvaTrade, an alternative to eToro in Singapore

Many locals ask about the availability of eToro, and the answer is No, eToro is not available to clients who live in Singapore anymore. They did accept local clients, but as of December 2020, they have a restriction to open new accounts. If you are looking for another broker to trade with, you might want to try out Rakuten Securities, a broker with many FX pairs, that offers a significant welcome bonus.

AvaTrade, an alternative to eToro in Singapore

Hey, I don't want to open an account with eToro! I want to know what it is

Ok, in that case, eToro is an Online Broker, known for being the most important Social Trading platform: It allows investors to research other users' investment strategies. When saying investment strategies, we are not only referring to general parameters but practically all trader's investment history, orders, traded financial assets, and track record (Earnings or historical losses).

AvaTrade, an alternative to eToro in Singapore