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Tips for iPhone Traders

  • Move around from one App to the other with the Back Tap function of your iPhone. This concept allows traders to check a price alert and quickly return to the main App so that you may place your trade. You may configure it from Settings > Accessibility > Touch and enter Back Tap. Then tap 'Double Tap' or 'Triple Tap' and select switch apps.

  • Filter notifications with the Focus feature. This excellent feature by Apple allows us to focus and avoid impulsive trading, allowing us to create a personalized profile. Go to Settings>Focus>Personal. You can select which notifications will appear, from which people and which Apps—are also used to set up who 'bothers' you while working.

  • When talking about money and online transactions, security is the most important thing. In addition to setting up a secure start code and Face ID (now your iPhone also recognizes you with your COVID mask), make sure you activate the "Find my iPhone" feature so that, if you lose your phone, you can recover it or lock it remotely. Turn on Auto-Lock with a few seconds of inactivity from Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock. Finally, keep an eye on the actions that you may perform when the screen is locked: Settings > Notifications > Show previews (select "Never"). You do not wish the waiter peeping at your trades.

For years, Mac has taken all the prizes on design, technical and software levels. Those who use iPhone love its interface and integration with different devices. But we cannot deny that sometimes it falls behind Android regarding the number of available applications. Many are unavailable, and other apps leap straight to their paid version. With this detailed list of the best iPhone trading apps, you can be in control of your investments with your worshipped device, wherever you are.



Recommended Platform

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    The App is highly user friendly, like all the products offered by eToro. In the initial screen, you will see a summary of your portfolio, the most significant price swings of the previous hour, the social feed, your portfolio and your watchlist. You can easily set buy and sell orders and check stock prices. However, the price charts aren't the best (eToro doesn't provide the best research tools anyway). One con is that eToro does not have an application for the Mac, only for the iPhone.

    76% of retail investor accounts lose money.



    It presents a simple app with a clean and helpful interface for what we are looking for: trading. You will see your list of favourite assets and most traded stocks straight at the start. The search magnifier splits by financial instrument and allows you to trade them with advanced charts and other useful details. It has additional security measures and will enable you to customize notifications. Unfortunately, it does not have a virtual portfolio to practice from your iPhone.



    An intuitive, easy-to-use app with an excellent search magnifier. 100% user friendly. It stands out in the order set-up process. In addition, it has customizable alerts and, in terms of security, two-step verification. XTB offers to start with the demo platform in its mobile version; try it now.


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