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If you are looking to open an account with XM, the popular Forex and CFD trading platform, and you are browsing the internet to find opinions from real users, you have come to the right place.  What do we mean by 'real users'? Well, what other platform comparison sites do is give you their own opinion. But this is not 100% reliable. It just doesn't sound right. 

We have searched for the most representative positive and negative opinions to describe the experience on this platform. How did we do it? We checked out the site, which is the largest global website that collects information from services. Real users of every good or service on which an opinion can be given, leave their comments on them at Trust Pilot. In this article, we collect good and bad thoughts that represent the “heard on the street” comments regarding the Broker. We include the reviewer's name so that, if you are in doubt, you can look it up on

XM's 5 Star Reviews (Excellent)

Ireneusz Pukin: “I opened my first account in 2010 or 2011, it was the very beginning. The company convinced me that it didn't have a minimum bill and I didn't have much money. This is how my adventure with FX began. Over the next years, I mainly traded with them and to this day I have my main account there. What I have always liked are the immediate execution of orders and no slippage. I also had friendly support at my disposal. XM is a great broker. I recommend it."

Roque Marco: “XM works just be careful trading is not always win , you can loose money so start with smalls pennies :).Quick deposit Instant; Fast withdrawl 2-3 days; No fees”

Igor Karaliok: “Honestly, one of the more trustworthy brokers you can find on the internet right now. I used the highest 1:888 leverage for Forex and quickly amassed a small fortune. You can't go wrong with XM!”. That leverage level is not available in the European Union.

XM's 3 Star Reviews (Average)

Now we dive into the not so good opinions. Real users say about XM:

Christina Ledger: “good and reputable but leverage is too restricting for the majority of my trading. having said that they are consistent and a good broker. but better for the super experienced traders imo”

Jeffrey Nilsson: “Their services are overall good. I don't like the fact that there aren't a lot of assets to chose. Withdraws happen within 3 business days, deposits are instant. Support has always been helpful as well.”

XM's 1 Star Reviews (Bad)

Simon Houlton: “A very unpleasant experience.

- opened account with new email.

- deposited in good faith

- compliance closed account with no warning, funds lost.

- applied pressure, funds found. Sent by international transfer. As per website.

Live chat vile. 'Has it occurred to you that ' ' its commonsense '. Note I'm a highly intelligent experienced professional. Ended chat with 'Harry' in disgust. Probably tried to wind me up Traded. Spreads terrible. Gold ok but strategies suddenly failed. Withdrew funds 17/09. Not approved until 18/09. Ridiculous.

Still not received funds .

'If you haven't received funds by next Friday, let us know'.


One of worst experiences anywhere.” This user has reviewed other brokers

Francisco: The service is ridiculous, spread are not competitive but even though I tried giving it a go as a second broker. After 3-4 days trying to open an account, and sending information twice I was so fed up that I cancel it before even depositing. Don't trust them.”

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