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Listed at the SIX Swiss Exchange (Stock Symbol: KNIN)

How to Open a Trading Account to Invest in How to Buy Kuehne + Nagel Shares

Opening an investment account with a stockbroker requires you to:

  1. First, choose the broker that best fits you. Here, we present eToro as the primary choice.

  2. Upload an ID and a proof of address (electricity, water bills, etc.) through the Broker's App or via email.

  3. Whether you open it with eToro or with another broker, make sure to choose the correct base currency of the account. With some brokers, changing it once you open the account can be painful. Trading Accounts are available in US Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), Pound Sterling (GBP), Swiss Franc (CHF), Australian Dollar (AUD) as the base currency. Practically all of them offer the option in US Dollars or Euros.

  4. Once the Broker has approved the account, it's time to deposit cash. The depositing and withdrawing money methods are usually Credit Cards, Bank Transfers or eWallets (PayPal, PaySafe, Skrill, SafetyPay, Neteller, among others). The available options to deposit funds will depend on each Broker. A vital fact to mention is that all of the Brokers presented above allow you to use a simulator on their platform; that is, they allow testing their Demo account, which is Free. In other words, you can open a Demo account, try the platform, and then decide whether to deposit money or not.

  5. Upon the capital is credited into your credited account, you may now buy the Stock.

Is it easy to invest in Kuehne + Nagel Shares?

Online Brokers allow investing in Shares straightforwardly through optimized apps that grant easy and fast access to financial markets. In fact, most platforms resemble a social network or any other phone app: They are designed so that the investor can learn and start trading very quickly, without the need for much prior knowledge. Literally, to buy shares of Kuehne + Nagel, you have to:

  1. open a trading account as explained before,

  2. deposit money,

  3. Search for "Kuehne + Nagel" on the Broker's Trading platform, and

  4. press the "Buy" button.

And, done, you are officially investing in the co's shares.

eToro's Trading platform is powerful, yet, it has a great UX.

About Kuehne + Nagel

Kuehne + Nagel Group was founded in 1890 in Bremen, Germany. This logistics provider has around 1,300 offices in over 100 countries, with approximately 82,000 employees.

The company provides logistics services to virtually all key industry sectors, including Aerospace, Automotive, FMCG, High Tech, Industrials, Oil & Gas Logistics, Pharma & Healthcare, Retail, and others.  The company is focused on four business segments: Seafreight, Airfreight, Contract Logistics and Integrated Logistics, and Overland.  In the Seafreight part, Kuehne + Nagel is ranked the number 1 global sea freight forwarder and has partnerships with an extensive range of preferred ocean carriers.

The Airfreight segment is ranked the number 2 global air cargo forwarder; in the Contract Logistics and Integrated Logistics segment, the company is ranked the number 2 global contract logistics provider and the number 1 global lead logistics provider. Finally, it is one of the top five European providers in the Overland segment with an extensive fleet and close partnerships with leading carriers.

eToro's Trading platform is powerful, yet, it has a great UX.